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Maps for Your Journey

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The search for design inspiration is a journey down many different roads, some of them fruitful and some dead-end. One of our goals within Popular Woodworking University’s online classes is to give students good maps for their searches. That way, you don’t waste a lot of time hunting around for ideas – and you can move right into planning and building!

Our next 1-hour live webinars will focus on curated sources for design inspiration. Take the time to hear our experts talk about their subjects, and you’ll save many aimless hours during the rest of your woodworking life or career.

Red dots indicate locations of influential furniture shops in the Arts & Crafts era.

Red dots indicate locations of influential furniture shops in the Arts & Crafts era.

Michael Crow will be with us next Wednesday to discuss “unknown” Arts & Crafts makers. Everyone knows Stickley and the Greene brothers, but did you know there were several other influential shops operating in the same era and producing subtly different work? The above map, one of Michael’s slides from the presentation, begins to tell that story. From there, he goes into a great deal of depth on each lesser-known maker – and what you can do with their styles.

Then, in early October, we’ll be featuring Heritage School of Woodworking’s Frank Strazza on his own go-to sources for design ideas. Frank has built furniture for a former President (of the United States, that is), so you can learn a lot from this guy. This presentation will not be limited to one style, but instead will outline all types of furniture design sources, how Frank uses them and what to do next in your own planning process.

Each of these 1-hour talks is priced at just $19.99, so I hope you’ll join us!

Dan Farnbach

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