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Straight or Spiral

In the November issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine I wrote an article outlining the router bits I consider to be the core of any powered shop. The workhorse bits of that core set are the [...]


These beds are all made from reclaimed timbers,my dog Marley showcasing a bed for a Dog magazine, These i make to any size depends on breed of your pets . .These take 2 days to make and they come [...]


http://youtu.be/ceGcCuM8Bk0    I have recently invested in a cnc router machine ,its only a small kit but it will do what i require it to do .. Not having one before and seeing what it can do is [...]


Have had a order in to make a matching pair of dog beds for a lady .These were made from reclaimed timbers ,took some sorting out to find best timbers i could use and a few hours machining .But [...]

Holiday Projects & that Sinking Feeling

It’s been warm outside and there are still some tomatoes in my garden, so it’s been easy to stay in denial. But when I saw holiday stuff on display in a local mall I knew I was in [...]

Another 21st Century Workbench

Every day I receive dozens of e-mails. Everyone suffers from this affliction, but when you’re on the staff of a magazine you’re an attractive target for photographers, illustrators, [...]

Circular Cutting Board

by Robert W. Lang A well-equipped kitchen deserves to have a nice maple cutting board, especially if the kitchen is in a woodworking household. The cutting board may be an animal-shaped survivor [...]

Furniture Spotting

Beginning with my first job in journalism, I self-imposed a rule to not discuss my political thoughts in public – so the below is in no way constitutes personal commentary on President Obama and [...]

On the Merits of Blue Furniture

I’m sure you get asked the following question a lot: “What’s your favorite style of furniture?” My answer to that question has always been rambling and indecisive – I love styles from the 15th [...]

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