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Thoughts on Tolpin’s New Book

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Shannon Rogers is the online host of, which started a few years ago as an attempt to chronicle his time in his wood shop. The site has grown quite a bit since then, and Shannon’s time is now spent on the Hand Tool School, an online woodworking school offering courses on teaching woodworkers how to unplug in their shop. So it was natural that Jim Tolpin’s newest book, ‘The New Traditional Woodworker’, would catch Shannon’s attention. Tolpin takes his readers into the mindset of working unplugged, and it turns out that he and Shannon are very like-minded in their approach. Take a couple of minutes to visit Shannon’s web site and see what his thoughts are on Jim’s new book, and how it meshes with his teaching.

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  • Tim Lawson

    Jim wrote the book as we were developing the hand tool and furniture making classes for the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. It’s been a delight to see students at respond to the idea that you can do (almost) without hand tools.

    In our recent 12 intensive the students used hand tools exclusively for the first three weeks – with Jim as lead instructor.

    Glad to see Jim’s thinking resonating.

    (Jim Tolpin, John Marckworth and I founded the Port Townsend School of Woodworking in 2007).

    • Tim Lawson

      Oops – should read “12 week intensive” at the beginning of the 2nd paragraph.

    • Tim Lawson

      Oops – the second. Shouldn’t reply to a blog before the first coffee. End of last para should read “without power tools”.

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