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Kitchen Stool

Kitchen Stool Round Legs Without a Lathe By Seth Keller Few stools are as clean and elegant as this one. I built it with splayed legs to provide a stable footing. The multi-level rungs offer a [...]

Extra No. 47 Bit Gauge — Sold!

Update: Thanks very much to those of you who placed a bid (and especially to rwyoung, who has the winning bid) and to those of you who posted entertaining comments. To those of you we offended, [...]

This One Goes to 13

Jim Tolpin’s article “Secrets of the Sector” in the June 2011 issue has stirred up a lot of interest and discussion among our readers. A sector is a way to eliminate arithmetic, especially [...]

A Woodworker’s Royal Wedding Gift

A Woodworker’s Royal Wedding Gift! A Gift Fit of a Future King—and Queen For many, Friday April 29th is a special holiday; a day off work with street parties and other festivities to [...]

Shaker Shelf Sketchup Model

This is a model of a wall-hung shelf unit designed and built by senior editor Glen Huey as the "I Can Do That" project in the June 2007 issue of Popular Woodworking magazine.

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