SawStop Contractor Saw: Assembly

If there’s a tool out in the woodworking arena that garners more attention these days than SawStop, someone please bring it to my attention. I see scads of responses on most forums about these saws and when I’m out talking with fellow woodworkers, I inevitably get asked about SawStop saws.

Recently, SawStop introduced a contractor saw. As I assembled this new machine in the Popular Woodworking shop, I thought a few photos and some first impressions I had during the process would be of interest.

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-Glen D. Huey

2 thoughts on “SawStop Contractor Saw: Assembly

  1. Larry Arnold

    I’ve got one of these saws, with cast iron wings and same fence as the one you’ve set up. Being a wheelchair user, I cut the legs to lower it 5" to a height of 29". Also installed my own mobile base, a Jessem Master Slide and built an outfeed table. As you said the directions are "Assembly for Dummies". It went together easily with the help of friend. For me this is a great saw and I expect to get many years of "Safe" use out of it.

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