Adjustable Router Stop Block

I am making a bed headboard which requires multiple mortise and tenon joints on different wood thicknesses. I am routing my mortises and seeing the stop line that was laid out for the mortise was [...]

Woodworking in America Give-a-ways

Each year at Woodworking in America (WIA) there are prizes awarded in the marketplace. You know we have give-a-ways in the cards this year as well. But this year we upped our game – technically [...]

California Considers Table Saw Law

California assembly member Das Williams has introduced a proposed law that would make the sale of new table saws without active injury mitigation technology, illegal. As written, the law would [...]

CPSC Table Saw Rules: Emotion vs. Numbers

The Consumer Product Safety Commission will be accepting public comments on a proposed rule to improve table saw safety. Comments will not be accepted by e-mail, but will be accepted online via [...]

Safety Rules for Tablesaws: the PTI POV

There are a couple of techniques I use to sort out thorny and complicated issues; follow the money and check the math. I also try to remember that my little corner of the world is just that, it [...]

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