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There are router bits that I use on a day-in, day-out basis on many of my projects. However, there probably aren’t as many as you might expect. I find myself using a few unique bits for most of my operations, and I find there are but a few profiles that I have in my shop and like to use.

I purchase high-quality router bits and have yet to have one sharpened or touched-up. When the bit becomes dull I replace that profile with a matching design. Router bits are not that expensive. Also, I don’t have manufacturer loyalty – although I must repeat that I buy only high-quality bits.

Here’s a list of some of my most-used router bits – the brief description of uses is just the tip of the iceberg:

3⁄4″ Top Mount Bearing Pattern Bit

This is the most-used router bit in my shop. I use it with a square platform jig for dados as well as for pattern shaping of gentle curves. Find them on Amazon

1⁄2″ Bottom Mount Bearing Pattern Bit

This router bit has a number of uses including shaping intricate parts from plywood patterns and flushing face frames to cases. Find them on Amazon

3⁄16″ Roundover Bit

This is the profile I use on most of my lipped drawer fronts. I try to make the lip a bit more than 1⁄4″ thick. So with a slight fillet, I nearly achieve a complete roundover profile. Find them on Amazon

Rabbeting Router Bit

It’s not possible to build furniture without this bit. This is the bit I use for all my everyday rabbeting operations. Find on Amazon

1⁄16″ Straight Bit

This is my primary inlay router bit. I don’t feel the need to venture below this size for stringing. Find on Amazon

3⁄4″-Diameter 14o Dovetail Bit

I use this bit for drawer-divider sockets. It sees use on most of my case pieces. (Use this bit with a 3⁄4″ outside-diameter guide bushing.) Find on Amazon

5⁄32″ Classic Ogee Bit

I like this design so I find myself using it on most of my work unless I’m trying to match a certain moulding profile. Find on Amazon

1⁄4″ Three-Wing Cutter

I use this bit at a router table to cut the grooves for drawer bottoms. You can adjust the depth of cut with bearings, or simply use a fence. Find on Amazon

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