Router Bits For Every Shop

There are router bits that I use on a day-in, day-out basis on many of my projects. However, there probably aren’t as many as you might expect. I find myself using a few unique bits for most of [...]

4 Simple, Shop-Made Router Jigs

Improve your router techniques with these four simple, shop-made router jigs that are easy to use and just as easy to build. I’m a power-tool woodworker. Sure I use hand tools for some parts of [...]

Avoiding Table Saw Kickback

The fundamental rules (and devices) to keep you clear of danger at your saw. By Marc Adams Pages: 63-65 From the November 2008 issue #172 Buy this issue now I once heard that 90 percent (or more) [...]

Tool Test: Triton’s Bargain Sander

A nice price and extra sanding sleeves make this spindle sander a good choice. By Christopher Schwarz Page: 32 From the November 2008 issue #172 Buy this issue now With a price tag of about $150, [...]


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