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We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations.

We may receive commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations.

Tool: MicroJig Tapering Jig

Manufacturer: MicroJig

Price: $109

Some jigs get stuck in a design rut—they never seem to change. Take a typical double-armed tapering jig, for example. It’s awkward to adjust and a bit scary to use. Taking up the challenge, the folks at MicroJig have created a much more sophisticated device that solves both problems. Their Microdial Tapering Jig has precise, user-friendly adjustment scales and is quite safe to operate. Used in conjunction with MicroJig’s GRR-Rippers, your workpiece is held securely and your fingers are a comfortable distance from the blade. Bravo!

With 2 GRR-Rippers attached

With its storm of knobs, dials, gauges, holes and slots, the Microdial looks complex, but using the jig is pretty simple. (Detailed instructions as well as a video are included.) According to the manufacturer, it’ll handle workpieces up to 32″ long.

The Microdial jig is adjustable in three ways. First, using degrees, you can set the jig anywhere from 0° – 10°, with positive detents every 1/8th of a degree. Second, you can use the “rise and run” method of measuring tapers with detents for every 1/16″ per foot from 0″ – 2″ per foot. Third, you can adjust the jig freehand with no detents.

Degree Scale

Detents make the jig’s taper settings easy to repeat. You can effortlessly return to an earlier setting if you need to make a new set of similar parts or make one part over again.

The detents are also invaluable in making legs that taper on four sides. Here’s why. If your leg tapers at 2°, for example, you cut the first two sides at 2°. But when you cut the next two sides, you must double the angle to compensate for the wood you’re removed. Setting the Microdial to 4°, or double any angle or rise and run, is a cinch.

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