Custom Push Pads

This handle design is a safety improvement over commercial versions. Let’s face it: Many of us all too often see safety as…well, just plain boring. We always seem to be anxious to use that little [...]

How to Build a Tenoning Sled

Whenever I make a right angle cut on my tablesaw, I use a sled. If I’m cutting large panels, I use a big crosscut sled. I pull out a smaller sled for rails and legs. To cut tenons with a …

Make a Honing Guide Angle Setting Jig

If you like to rely on a honing guide during sharpening, you will benefit from using an angle setting (or indexing) jig. An indexing jig will allow you to accurately set the right amount of blade [...]

Dovetail Marking Fan

Equally-Spaced Dovetails Every Time When laying out dovetails, I always start by marking the centers of the pins so the distance between them is approximately the same. I came up with this trick [...]

Sliding Bandsaw Fixture

A large bridle joint requires an open-ended mortise that may be too deep to cut with a 10″ tablesaw. I encountered this problem when I used my saw to make bridle joints on an exterior door. [...]

Radial Router Jig

So tell me—how many jigs do you have scattered around your shop? Is it true that a guy can’t have too many, just like you can’t have too many clamps? Well, here’s one that [...]

Workshop Tips: Universal Shooting Board

I used to have three shooting boards for planing end grain: one for 90° cuts, one for 45° horizontal miters and one for 45° vertical miters. Now I’ve combined them all into one. The jig’s main [...]

4 Handy Table Saw Jigs

Get more out of your table saw with these four handy jigs. These simple jigs take advantage of the table saw’s speed and accuracy without tempting you to perform risky operations.

Zero-Clearance Inserts

Zero-clearance throat inserts are a simple upgrade you can make to your table saw. Make your saw safer and achieve better cutting results with less hassle.


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