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Tool: Dadonator Jr. – 6″ Stacked Dado Saw Blade Set Buy Now

Manufacturer: Infinity Tools

MSRP: $209.90

Every woodworker deserves a good dado set, but if you own a portable saw or a contractors saw, you may be missing the party. With their limited power, these saws should be equipped with a 6″ set rather than an 8″ set. Many 6″ sets lack the features of a top-notch 8″ set, however. That’s why Infinity Cutting Tools, the maker of the high-end 8″ Dadonator dado set, has introduced the new 6″ Dadonator Jr. It has all the good features of a large set.

The Dadonator Jr. has 24-tooth outer blades and 6-tooth chippers. All of the teeth are made from C4 carbide, which holds a sharp edge longer than the lower-grade carbide found on many 6″ dado sets. The Dado-nator Jr.’s teeth are also quite large, which means you can have this set sharpened more times than a dado set with small teeth. All of the teeth on the blades and chippers have a negative hook angle to prevent kickback and a Hi-ATB grind to minimize tearout in cross cuts.

This set comes with a full range of chippers: four 1/8″ wide, one 3/32″ wide and one 1/16″ wide. A set of shims for fine-width adjustments is also included.

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