Build a Veneered Chessboard

It’s easy to create a veneered chessboard with an inlay accent, using a minimal number of tools. Project #2306 • Skill Level: Intermediate • Time: 2 Days • Cost: $125 Online Extra: Download the [...]

Make a Coopered Seat

Building a sculptured rocker starts with a coopered seat. Or as I call it, “The Big Smile Seat!” A Maloof style chair design (rocker, low back, or settee) represents some of the best [...]

CPM Magnacut Blades Review

Tool: CPM Magnacut Blades Shop Now Manufacturer: Lake Erie Tool Works MSRP: $46.99+ As a hand tool junkie, I look at a few things when deciding if a tool is up to snuff. One of those is the [...]

Bridge City Tool Works HP-6FX Review

Tool: HP-6FX Multiplane Shop Now Manufacturer: Bridge City Tool Works MSRP: $789 If you’ve ever taken a look at Bridge City Tools, you’ll know that they have a history of having [...]

Bespoke Toolmaker: Honey Brook Tools

Vermont-based toolmaker Will Adams offers some of the best hand-made tools around. A marking knife. There are few tools that can, nearly instantly, increase the accuracy of a woodworker’s work. [...]

Woodworking Abroad

I’m going to admit that there are aspects of my life that I live (and view) “inside the box.” Woodworking, as an industry, tends to be one of those. Our (magazine) audience is concentrated in the [...]

Rule Joint for Drop-Leaf Tables

This traditional joint allows the wings of a table to raise up and have a seamless look. A rule joint uses matching profiles to fit a table top together with a folding leaf. The resulting shapes [...]

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