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Q: How do I prevent my edge tools from rusting?

A: Rust is the curse of all woodworkers, but you’ve got three weapons at your disposal. First, lower the amount of water vapor in your shop’s air with a dehumidifier. Second, isolate your tools in small drawers containing reusable packets of silica gel. These packets absorb moisture in the air and can be renewed by heating in a microwave oven. Third, coat your tools with oil,wax or volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) emitted by strips you can stick in a drawer. You must renew oil and wax coatings often, but the VCI strips do the work for you for up to two years.

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  • antiquescopes

    I had the same problem in both the metal and the woodshops. I now keep ceiling fans on medium or high, year round. No rust since. The fans do not use much electricity, either. Even with a 3 phase 7hp converter running a lot our bill runs just over $100.


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