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I’ve long been a fan of cutting tenons on the table saw. I’ve found it can be done quickly, with repeatable accuracy and safely. Recently, I discovered a new saw blade with a thick, 1/4″-wide tooth that’s ground flat on the top, and it’s perfect for this operation. This Infinity Tools thick-kerf, flat-top blade eliminates the need for a secondary set-up and cut to finish the cheek and establish the final tenon shoulder. Watch the video to learn more about the blade and see the jig that makes the joint safe and quick to cut.

– Steve Shanesy 

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  • robert

    Looks like 1/2 of a dado set. A thick dado set.

  • Christopher Schwarz

    I definitely see the benefit with this approach when cutting the face cheeks and face shoulders. But I don’t see the advantage with this blade and jig when it comes to the edge cheeks and edge shoulders.

    I could be missing something here.


  • Steve_OH

    I think you need to move the clamp down a bit so that it’s closer to the joint being cut. You can see while cutting the third cheek that the workpiece isn’t sitting flat against the backing board, which means that the tenon is going to come out on the thin side.


  • Clay Dowling

    Who makes this wonderful blade? I have a definite use for that.


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