Subscription Scam Alert

A Notice from the Editor Some of you have recently reported suspicious phone calls or offers in the mail to renew your subscription to Popular Woodworking Magazine. Your uneasiness may be [...]

Exploit the Weakness of the Tree

In hand-tool woodworking, brains almost always trump brawn. For example, when I need to remove a lot of material from a localized area, I need to think like a tree assassin and exploit its [...]

The Lazy Man’s Drawboring Delight

I’ve drawbored hundreds and hundreds of joints since 1999, mostly on workbenches I’ve built for myself or with students. That doesn’t mean I know jack buddy about drawboring, as last weekend [...]

Add Accuracy to a Miter Gauge

Attach a 3/4″ x 2-1/2″ x 28″ board to your miter gauge (not an original idea), then put a piece of masking tape on the table saw in front of the blade insert. Then cut partway [...]

Cut Rabbets by Hand

Even if I have an entire shop filled with power equipment, I like to cut my rabbets by hand. Why? It’s fast and fun. Once you master a rabbet plane or a moving fillister plane, your router table [...]

Favorite Table Saw Push Stick

The push stick you use with your table saw is an integral part of the safety system that helps keep you out of harm’s way. As such, don’t take the lowly push stick for granted. There [...]

Rust Prevention for Woodworkers

Just got this month’s PW and in it was a letter to the editor about preventing rust. Megan answered saying use was an excellent means of rust prevention, regular oiling, and for long term [...]

Get Ready for Roy!

So…those of you who last week asked if we might have something up our collective sleeve? Well…I’ll admit it now. You were right. I’m delighted to announce that Popular [...]

SketchUp Class at Annapolis Woodworks

If you really want to learn a new set of skills, or take your skills to the next level, taking a class will get you where you want to go faster than any other means. It beats books, videos and …

Learn to Sharpen Chisels the Japanese Way

Another video on sharpening? Ugh! No, wait…this one’s kinda different. In fact, this video isn’t about the cutting edge of the chisel. What?! It’s true. “Chisel Sharpening with Harrelson [...]

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