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AW Extra 5/30/13 – A Bead in any Board

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A Bead in any Board

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I wanted an antique beadboard look for my cabinet doors, but stock beadboard didn’t work out with my door size. Here’s what I came up with: I glued up a solid door and cut 3/16-in. x 3/16-in. dadoes at each glue joint.Then I chamfered the edges with a sanding block (or you could use a plane).Finally, I ran a thin bead of glue in the bottom of the dadoes and laid in 3/16-in. dowels. Could it be any simpler? Now I can have any width beadboard I need and I’m not limited to the wood species available at the lumberyard. I have a few more ideas to try; like using rope instead of dowels.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker September 2002, issue #95.

September 2002, issue #95

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