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5 Bowsaws Later

I leave for Germany in a couple weeks to teach classes on making Roorkhee chairs (piece of pie!) and bowsaws. Yup. Making bowsaws. You’ve probably seen my international treatise on bowsaws: [...]

Watch Mary May Carve a Linenfold Panel

Woodworkers are visual people. Tell a woodworker how to do something (myself included) and you may have to tell them more than a couple of times. If, however, you show a woodworker how things are [...]

If You’re Reading This …

If you’re reading this, you may be part of the e-book era, or at least close to it. I know a little about woodworking and a little about publishing. That’s more or less why I have a [...]

Friday’s Tip for May 31st

Easier Resawing I'm stuck with a wimpy 1/2 hp bandsaw that stalled whenever I tried to resaw anything tall. Then my neighbor turned me on to a technique that solved my problem. I pre-cut a [...]

Trimble Releases SketchUp 2013 But.

I have long awaited this first major release of SketchUp from Trimble. SketchUp 8 was a major release under Trimble, but very shortly after they acquired SketchUp, so I can…

Do You Need More Roughage?

At one of the woodworking schools where I teach there is a quote hanging on the wall that has always bugged me a bit. I’ll paraphrase it: In 100 years, people will only care WHAT you did, not HOW [...]

Holdfasts of a New Design

I need to get busy on my workbench top so I can decide how many of the different work-holding designs to use at my bench. At this time at my home shop, I’m using a pair of Gramercy [...]

Q & A: Clean Up Squeeze Out

Q & A: Clean Up Squeeze Out Q: I saw one of those woodworking wizards on television the other day. As I watched the guy build a three-day project in 30 minutes, I noticed he washed off glue [...]

AW Extra 5/30/13 – A Bead in any Board

A Bead in any Board Click any image to view a larger version. I wanted an antique beadboard look for my cabinet doors, but stock beadboard didn’t work out with my door size. Here’s what I came up [...]

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