Shoot from the Blue Line

I use a piece of painter’s tape to mark dadoes when I assemble cabinets. Then I know exactly where to shoot nails or install screws and there aren’t any pencil lines to sand off when I’m [...]

Tape-clamping Small Miters

When gluing miters for small mouldings, clear packing tape makes an ideal clamp. Begin by placing a strip of tape across the bottom of the joint; this will prevent glue squeeze-out from getting [...]

Easy Cord Management

Trailing along a power cord when I’m routing can really be awkward. All too often, my cord hangs up on a corner of the project or gets tangled around my legs. Adding a dust collection hose, which [...]

The Magic of Masking Tape

Find magic in the mundane using this humble problem solver. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a woodworker is to never underestimate the seemingly mundane. I have found great [...]

Keyless-Chuck Grip

I bought a keyless chuck for convenience, but I found it hard to tighten and loosen by hand. The knurling on the chuck wasn’t very deep, so my hand just slipped. I often resorted to using a pair [...]

Stretchy Tape

Clamping an irregular shape usually requires a lot of ingenuity, but here’s a novel approach: Elmer’s new Clamp Tape. It stretches up to 300%, like a giant rubber band, and sticks [...]

Slideshow: A Better Way to Glue Up Boxes

I’ve written before about my love of stringed packing tape – it deepens and matures every day. Here’s a short slideshow I put together on one of its best uses: gluing up small boxes. [...]

Look Ma, No Clamps

I started using stringed packing tape to glue up mitered joints on small jewelry boxes years ago. To glue up mitered boxes you just tape the points of the miters tight and add glue to the joint. [...]

Tape Trick No. 347

There is a special satisfaction to solving a problem with tape. Yes, it’s nice to master the tools and techniques of our forefathers, but it’s a lot more fun to say “Look at [...]

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