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ShopNotes Podcast Episode 138

On today’s episode of the ShopNotes Podcast, John, Logan, and Phil discuss new books, a shop update, and the Christmas Project decision tree. Find all of the ShopNotes podcast episodes [...]

ShopNotes Podcast Episode 137

On the last ShopNotes Podcast episode before Thanksgiving, John, Phil, and Logan are gathered around the hearth to give thanks and discuss the cornucopia of woodworking topics of the day.…

Shopnotes Podcast Episode 136

On this week’s episode of the Podcast, Phil and John give the latest update on the Woodsmith World and discuss the things in the shop we avoid doing. …

Shopnotes Podcast Episode 135

On this episode of the ShopNotes Podcast, Phil, John, and Logan, are talking about transitioning your shop to cold weather work, an update on Logan’s new shop building, and some fun new [...]

Did You Know We Have a Podcast?

Way back in 2020 our sister publication Woodsmith launched new podcast called the ShopNotes Podcast, which included then-Woodsmith editor Logan Wittmer. Logan has been in charge here at Popular [...]

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