The Butterfly Horse

Whether I’m working in the shop, remodeling or performing routine maintenance around the house, I am in constant need of a sturdy, lightweight worktable. The most popular one for, oh, the past [...]

Portable Sawhorse Bench

This sawhorse/workbench combo is made using dimensional pine construction lumber from a home center. It’s rugged and inexpensive, with no complicated joinery – just butt joints, glue and [...]

Building Sawhorses, Part 2

Picking up after my last post on sawhorses (or sawbenches, as you might call them), the housings were all formed and ready to go. Then it’s down to cutting the legs to length: 26 1/2″ [...]

Building Sawhorses, Part 1

  If you’re considering making a sawhorse, sawing stool, saw bench or however you like to describe it, this pattern is worthy of consideration. Thanks to its very stable platform, [...]

Quick Sawhorses

Quick Sawhorses Working with large panels and cabinets often requires lots of sawhorses of different sizes. Which raises two problems: How can you keep enough on hand for every situation? And [...]

Simple, Sturdy Sawhorses

Simple, Fast, Sturdy Sawhorse Project Here’s one of my favorite sawhorse designs. They provide such stable hard working support that I tend to refer to them as workhorses. I made this pair [...]


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