New Uses for Old Handplanes

The box arrives in the mail and the new plane you’ve been yearning for has finally arrived. You spend a few minutes admiring the workmanship, then get to work flattening the back of the plane [...]

The Core Hand Tools

For the cost of one large piece of machinery, you can set up a complete shop with hand tools. Here's what you need to get started.

Understanding Bench Planes

Bench planes come in a wide range of lengths and widths. Do you need them all? Which ones are most useful? And if you only had to buy one....

The Simplest of Tips

I have seen students try to unclog planes with steel rulers, paint brushes, even nails and screws. Enter the Simplest of Tips, ever.

Chad Stanton, Not Just a Pretty Face

Flemish? Jacobean? Nope, Chad Stanton. To many, that name might mean making simple (but handsome) I Can Do That!  projects from home-center lumber and tools as showcased in his video series – [...]

Bench Planes: The System of Three

We rethink the Western bench plane system. All you need to know is that there are three tools, three setups, three jobs and three surfaces. by Christopher Schwarz excerpted from the Winter 2009 [...]

The Wonderful Everyday

Shop time has been limited in recent weeks, but that’s normal for most of us and perfectly fine. I’ve been keeping the house quiet during the weekends as my wife is coming to the end [...]


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