Bridge City Foxtail Plane Review

Tool: HP-10 Foxtail Plane Shop Now Manufacturer: Bridge City Tool Works MSRP: $999 Several years back, when it was announced that Bridge City Toolworks had been sold, I will admit that I was [...]

Taylor Toolworks Aftermarket Blade Review

The aftermarket bench plane blades market is brimming with quality options, from Hock to Veritas to WoodRiver, and now, Taylor Toolworks Premium Blades. A common feature of these premium blades [...]

Blue Spruce Optima Chisel Plane Review

Tool: Optima Chisel Plane Shop Now Manufacturer: Blue Spruce Toolworks MSRP: $119.99 It goes without saying that a chisel is a staple in almost any shop. However, there are some operations where [...]

Shooting Board: A Review and Primer

Shooting boards are one of those hand-tool jigs that people talk about (a lot) but few people actually know much about. Whenever I teach, students always clamor for a demonstration of the device, [...]

Chipbreaker: Theory & Use

Most bench planes come equipped to eliminate tear-out. Handplanes are great tools for creating a smooth, finish-ready surface on a board without the dust and noise from a sander. If the board is [...]

New Jorgensen Bedrock Plane Review

Introduction In recent years, the market has seen an influx of high-end planes in the Bedrock style. Initially, Lie-Nielsen planes took the lead, followed by Clifton, and later the Chinese-made [...]

Parts of A Hand Plane [Video]

In just over 90 seconds Logan walks you through all the main parts of a metal body hand plane. Interested in learning more? Check out the article Handplanes for Beginners. For Basics Week [...]

Veritas Box Maker’s Plough Plane Review

Tool: Box-Maker’s Plow Plane Shop Now Manufacturer: Veritas MSRP: $159 One of the stand out hand tools of recent years was Veritas’s release of their plough plane. It’s the perfect tool for [...]

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