Best-selling Plant Stand

A spline-and-miter joint ensures this elegant table will remain stable. When I started building custom furniture many years ago, I discovered the best way to advertise my work is to let people [...]

The Striking Knife

Discover a nearly extinct tool that can help you work faster and more accurately. As preposterous as the notion seems, the historical record suggests cabinetmakers working in dim shops with hand [...]

Almost a Plane Wreck

The perilous flight of the world’s most valuable tool. Half of the airplane’s hydraulic system had failed at take-off; the other half failed as the plane was 10 minutes from the Atlanta airport. [...]

Traveling Toolbox

  Bodger and blacksmith Don Weber shows how to effectively combine power and hand-tool techniques to build a simple and sturdy toolbox. Editor’s note: This article originally appeared [...]

One-weekend Router Table

Router table cabinets can be a waste of space. This compact, vise-mounted unit stores easily and is just the right size. I think it might have been seeing a $1,000 router table setup at a recent [...]

Total Shop in a Box

Can a system of portable European power tools find a home in U.S. woodshops? By Scott Gibson Pages: 57-61 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now If you work alone in a small shop, it’s [...]

Woodworking Essentials: Advanced Joinery

By Nick Engler Pages: 49-56 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now In Chapter 3 of this series we discussed basic joinery on the table saw, including miters, bevels, rabbets, dados and [...]

Tool Test: Ashley Iles Turning Tools

By Steve Shanesy Page: 30 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now Although highly regarded and widely distributed in England, turning tools from famous toolmaker Ashley Iles have been [...]

Tool Test: Grizzly Disc/Spindle Sander

By Robert W. Lang Page: 29 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now The combination of an oscillating spindle sander with a 12″ disc sander makes a lot more sense than the usually [...]

Tool Test: Veritas Straightedges

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 29 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now No matter what sort of woodworking you do, you need a quality straightedge. Power-tool woodworkers need them for [...]

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