Still working on a block of oak

Hmm, must have run out of room , so, here is the rest of the story ( I hope)   Carving the top was just a few saw cuts, and some chisel workto make a step on the end.   …

First, get a block of oak

And after awhile, you wind up with a wood bodied edge plane.     Almost a skewed Rebate plane.    Say this being built on a youtube show from [...]

Just a saw bench

Built from a few parts.    A 2×10 from the dumpster, one store bought 2x4x8'  and a few scraps.    needed to make this so I could build a workbench [...]

Workbench build in an Afternoon?

Some of the pictures of this little pjoject.  That  stepladder served as a bench during the build.  The patio table held the few tools i used for this.  The saw is an old [...]

Tool chest for the Dungeon Shop

Not really a blog, this time.  Will IF someone wants to read it.    Needed a chest to store most of my handtools.    Had four planks of Black Walnut, and a few [...]

Lap Desk

From reclaimed barn wood?   I had an old plank of the stuff, and needed a project to build.     Decided to just "wing it"  and make a lap desk, using [...]

cheap table part three

Somehow, I don't like this set up used for pictures.  Where was I?   Ok, I guess i will just show the completed project, and the Chair it was supposed to match.  Chair was [...]

Cheap Table??

Ok, Daughter wanted a small Dinette Table for the kitchen.    I had some old planks down in the Dungeon Shop.  Milled up an old Oak 2×8 into four leg blanks.This is what [...]

New Computer Desk

Old one was getting a bit beat up, one grandBRAT needed a desk for HIS computer.   Decided to make a new bottomhalf, and just re-use the small hutch from the old [...]

Rust hunting results

      i needed a few planes for the shop.   Decided to go visit a few “thrift stores” in my area.     Found a few rusty, CHEAP planes.     Just needed some work to [...]

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