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Bits for Impact Drivers

The best tool for tough screwing jobs is an impact
driver. It has much more torque than the average cordless
drill/driver. The next time you want to run screws
into a piece of hardwood without drilling pilot holes, as
when fastening a turning blank to a faceplate, reach for
an impact driver.

But don’t grab the bit from your cordless drill. The
tip will get rounded over or chip pretty fast because it’s
not designed to take the constant pounding of an impact
driver. Instead, you should reach for a special type of bit
that can withstand these brutal conditions. Dedicated
impact-driver bits are currently offered by Bosch, Craftsman,
DeWalt, Makita and Milwaukee. All have 1/4" hex.



Bosch Tools, boschtools.com, 877-267-2499.

Craftsman, craftsman.com, 800-549-4505.

DeWalt, dewalt.com, 800-433-9258.

Makita, makita.com, 800-462-5482.

Milwaukee, milwaukeetool.com, 800-638-9582.

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