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Reworked Sign-Making Kit

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Having recently used a Milescraft Signcrafter to rout names into nearly 1,000 fence pickets for a playground project, I was excited to look at the new Milescraft SignPro, $49.99, a beefier version of the Signcrafter.The SignPro's new guide bushings have brass necks, which should hold up better than the ABS plastic ones on the Signcrafter. The mounting brackets are larger and easier to clamp to the work. In fact, two C-clamps are included with the kit.
The SignPro comes with four sets of letters and numbers. Each piece is clearly labeled to identify the character. Two sets are 1-1/2 in. tall and two are
2-1/2 in. tall. New with the SignPro is the ability to place the numbers vertically in the jig, as you would to rout numbers along a mailbox post. A universal router plate, designed to accept the Milescraft guide bushings, is included with the kit, along with 3/8-in. and 1/4-in. core-box router bits.
Milescraft will continue to sell the Signcrafter, which retails for $10 less than the SignPro, but I think the SignPro is definitely worth the extra dough.

Milescraft, (815) 874-2400, SignPro, $49.99.




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