Hyperorganize Your Shop

Hyperorganize Your Shop A hook-and-slat wall system puts everything at your fingertips. By Jock Holmen I’ve struggled with the clutter in my small garage shop for years. Recently my [...]


Hone an incredibly sharp edge with a $35 combo stone.   by Tom Caspar         For this woodworker, it doesn’t get any better than using a sharp hand tool. Not just [...]

Product News – Hafele Wood Accessories

If you're looking for the perfect slides or inserts for your dream cabinet, you might want to check out Hafele Wood Accessories. They carry a wide range of cabinet accessories, from drawer [...]

Don’t Use Smelly Glue

Buying glue by the gallon costs less, but  it may not be a good investment if you use glue infrequently. After a while, leftover glue can develop a bad smell. According to the folks at Franklin [...]


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