Nothing Magic About My Rag

Sometime back in 1996 I took a piece of cloth that was cast off from my wardrobe. I cannot remember what the garment was. A sweatshirt perhaps? Long underwear? It’s a bit stretchy. And I [...]

Autumn 2008 Issue is Underway

Learning to cut woodworking joints is one thing. Figuring out how to assemble all those joints in a correct and efficient order for a project is another skill entirely. In the upcoming Fall 2008 [...]

We Want to Feature Your Work

Sharing knowledge and inspiration is an integral part of woodworking. On most forums, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge on tools, techniques and projects.  And, if you’re looking [...]

Digital Download of Issue 9 Now Available

You can now download an enhanced pdf of the March 2008 issue of Woodworking Magazine (Issue 9) for $6. Our instant digital downloads are compatible with any computer running Adobe Reader 7.0, a [...]

Better Baseplate

        Yes, the world does need a better router baseplate. How about one that's a terrific guide for cutting dados, rabbets, grooves, mortises and circles? The [...]

Kreg Klamp Table

            If you've ever struggled to get perfectly flush pocket-screw joints, Kreg's new Klamp Table may be the perfect helping hand you need. The [...]

The Shadow Knows

        Miter saws equipped with lasers to indicate the line of cut have become commonplace, but DeWalt has a new twist: instead of a laser, DeWalt has developed a [...]

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