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Simple, Accurate Bit-Height Gauge

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The new Easy Set from Sommerfeld's Tools, $29, is one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time. It easily and precisely sets the height of eight different Sommerfeld's and CMT router bits. Each arm on the Easy Set matches a different bit profile. To use the Easy Set, first measure the thickness of the material you'll rout. The more accurately you measure your material's thickness, the more accurately you can adjust the Easy Set. Each click on the dial raises or lowers the profiles by 1/128 in. Turn the dial to position the pointer at your material's thickness. This adjusts the profile to the perfect distance above the router table. Slide the Easy Set up to your router bit and adjust the bit's height to match the profile. The Easy Set works with material from 23/32 in. to 1-3/16 in. thick. The eight profiles it contains are lock miter, 22.5-degree lock bit, drawer lock, reverse glue joint, groove of a tongue and groove, glass-panel cope cutter, raised-panel cope cutter and raised panel. These profiles are specific to CMT and Sommerfeld's bits and may not work with other brands.

Sommerfeld's Tools for Woodworking, (888) 228-9268,  Easy Set router setup jig, $29.




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