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Raised-Panel Tablesaw Jig

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Rather than buy a set of raised-panel router bits, I use this tall fence on my tablesaw. It’s simply a plywood box that slides on the rip fence. I use two bar clamps to hold my 3/4-in.-thick panel to the fence. The stop at the back of the jig also keeps the panel from shifting. To saw the bevel, I set the saw blade at 15 degrees and raise it 1-1/2 in. high. I use a scrap board to test the setting and adjust the rip fence so the beveled edge of the panel ends up slightly less than 1/4 in. thick. This permits the panel’s beveled edge to fit snugly into the slot in the rails and stiles of my project. I also adjust the blade height so it creates a 1/8-in.-wide shoulder on the inner edge of the bevel. 






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