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Hauling my benchtop planer or miter saw out every time I needed to use one or the other was hard on my back until I devised this mobile base. It makes both of them readily accessible and stores neatly in the corner when I don't need it.
I positioned the tools so the planer provides outboard support for the saw. I made sure the planer blades and dust hood were accessible, and  I extended the planer's outfeed capacity. I store a bunch of my portable power tools in the cabinet below. The cabinet costs about $100 to build. It takes about 1-1/2 sheets of 3/4-in. plywood and four double-locking swivel casters (see Sources, below). You'll have to adjust the dimensions of your cabinet to suit your work habits and tools. I built my cabinet so the bed of the miter saw sits 42 in. from the floor, a comfortable working height for me. To locate the planer shelf, I subtracted the planer's height from the height of the miter saw's bed. To make the outfeed extension, I measured the height of the planer's outfeed table and built a platform to match. I slid it into the cabinet and screwed it in place.

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