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Bandsaw Table System

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Bandsaw Table System

This oversized table provides extra support for sawing or resawing plus
the quick-set fence ends blade drift hassles.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by
your small bandsaw table, this
project is for you. No more struggling
to balance large pieces while
making intricate cuts or resawing.

Designed by George Vondriska,
this two-part system
features a table that triples the
surface area of your old one. It
comes tricked out with a fence
that can be set at a skew to compensate
for blade drift. The fence
can be taken on and off, mounted
on either side of the blade and
adjusted in and out without losing
the drift angle setting. When
you need even more support,
the extension table mounts in
seconds. Fasten it outboard to
support large stock (photo at
right), or outfeed when resawing
long boards.
When you’re done, the extension
table folds flat for easy storage.

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The outfeed position for
the extension
table makes
resawing long
stock a breeze.
To set the fence

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This story originally appeared in American Woodworker August 2000, issue #81.

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