Butterfly Inlay

Butterfly Inlay Make a perfect fit with a shop-made template. By Tom Caspar Don’t you just love it when something that looks extremely difficult turns out to be oh-so easy? Making butterfly inlay [...]

Foolproof Scraper Sharpening

Foolproof Scraper Sharpening Make shavings like a pro with our new sharpening method. By Tom Caspar Scraping is quiet and efficient. It’s perfect for removing milling marks and shallow [...]

Wooden Spring Tongs

Wooden Spring Tongs ??A great all-around kitchen utensil. By David Radtke Here’s a great kitchen utensil you’re sure to find indispensable. These wooden tongs feature a unique spring [...]

AW Extra 7/5/12 – Drill Caddy

Drill Caddy This drill caddy is compact, yet big enough to hold your cordless drill, an extra battery, and all the tools and fasteners you’ll need for any installation project. By Jan [...]

Dream Workbench

Dream Workbench A modern bench that features storage, stability and mobility By Dave Munkittrick Tired of working on a sheet of plywood thrown over a pair of sawhorses? Had it with rolling [...]

Wedged-Base Workbench

Wedged-Base Workbench Tablesaw joinery locks it together. By Tim Johnson This workbench has a top ready for hard use. But it’s the base that catches your eye. The interlocking joinery, with [...]

Adjustable Workbench

Adjustable Workbench The coolest bench ever: It changes size before your eyes! By Tom Caspar My workbench has always been the heart of my small shop. When I made it years ago, I outfitted it with [...]

Wooden Bar Clamps

Wooden Bar Clamps Shop-made clamps that deliver versatility and performance. By Dave Olson End your clamp shortage once and for all. These wooden clamps are easy to make, a joy to use and they [...]

Modular Shop Cabinets

Modular Shop Cabinets Euro-style construction makes them easy to build, easy to customize. By Bruce Kieffer In days gone by, apprentice cabinetmakers used to build their own tool chests. The [...]

Double-Duty Shop Stool

Double-Duty Shop Stool It's all plywood, and only uses a half sheet. By Eric Smith A combination stool and work support? OK, it’s an odd pair, but in my crowded shop, it makes a lot of [...]

Ultimate Sharpening Station

Ultimate Sharpening Station Everything you need to make a razor-sharp edge is right at your fingertips. By Brad Holden If your sharpening supplies are scattered all over your shop, here’s a [...]


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