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Photos courtesy of manufacturer.

Tool: Iridium Abrasives
Manufacturer: Mirka
Price: $26.50 – $59.50

*Each contains 50 discs/strips.

$26.50 per box for the 3.2″ x 5.2″ strips.
$59.50 per box for the 2.75″ x 16″ strips.
$32.00 per box for the 5″ discs.
$42.00 per box for the 6″ discs.

The new Mirka Iridium abrasive paper has proven to be a workhorse in the Popular Woodworking shop. I’ve used it on several builds and I’ve found myself not dreading sanding quite as much. The paper cuts fast and doesn’t clog up like some other abrasives we’ve used. With proper dust collection on the sander, I don’t worry about the pad clogging up. I noticed that the backing didn’t hold on to the Mirka sander after dropping it in a pile of saw dust—that sheet had plenty of abrasive left but I couldn’t get it to stick to the sander again. I also found that the writing on the back of the paper faded quickly, leaving me a little disoriented after working through the grits. Overall, I was delighted with how efficiently the paper cut.

—David Lyell

Photos courtesy of manufacturer.

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