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It seems that the same arm rest from my previous posting (Skin patching) was possessed by some sort of a woodworking demon, otherwise I can't explain why it suffered from so many inflictions. The one I am going to talk about here was a broken ledge, a decorated protruding boarder bead that broke off and had to be re-constructed. 

1. Notice the missing ledge (foreground) and a new teak blank (background). I glued this blank over the scar and later shaped it, transforming it into the new ledge. Before gluing the new blank over I planed the scar tissue flat, forming a chamfer of 45 degrease to the arm rest's corner.  

2. Gluing the new blank.

3. Planing the blank flush with the arm rest front.


4. Marking the ledge's side protrusion so it will be flush with the arm rest side.

5. Using a hand saw, I cut the blank to width. 

6. Marking the ledge thickness with a marking gauge.

7. Using a chisel I shaved of the ledge and narrowed it down to the marked line. 

8. Repeating this on the ledge's right side.

Next time I will show how I finished the restoration. 

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