Month: October 2012 | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Permission to Sand – Granted!

I’m always bemused by woodworkers who boast that they never use sandpaper. I usually say something to them such as: “Then I guess you don’t like old-school technology.” When they look confused, I [...]

Q & A: Is Blue-Stained Pine OK?

Q & A: Is Blue-Stained Pine OK? Q: I have some pine that was given to me.The price was right but the wood is full of blue stain. Is it safe to use this wood for painted projects or as…

Choreography for woodworkers

This clip of video art is fantastic! it is so well choreographed that I am sure you will replay it at least three times as I did. Instead of dancers, the makers of this video used [...]

Hand Tool Olympics at WIA Midwest

OK, here’s your German lesson for the week, and yes, it does have to do with the Hand Tool Olympics at the upcoming Woodworking in America event being held in the greater Cincinnati area [...]

Roorkhee Details to Avoid Disaster

Roorkhee chairs are tough and lightweight – they have to be in order go to war or on safari. To make your chairs as durable and lightweight as possible, here are some details to consider as you [...]

We Have an Auction Winner!

Brian Zirkle of St. Louis, Mo., placed the winning bid in our Charity Book/DVD Auction. For $251.00 he’s getting a wonderful collection of Chris Schwarz’s books and DVDs, all signed [...]

Shop-sawn Veneers: A Primer

Heather Trosdahl’s article in the Dec. 2012 issue, “Parquetry Tabletop,” requires shop-sawn veneers for the best results. In case sawing one’s own veneer is a technique [...]

Tommy Mac’s Toolbox

Combine power and hand tools to improve your joinery skills. By Thomas J. Macdonald Pages 24-29 Building a toolbox much like this one was a real turning point in my woodworking [...]

The Case for Hollows & Rounds

A few simple planes open the doors to a multitude of mouldings. By Matt Bickford Pages 30-35 I am not a woodworker who uses only hand tools. I use machinery when it is efficient [...]


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