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I’m at home today awaiting the arrival of family, so I’m taking this time to install the doors on the pantry I built into a wee hallway between my living room and dining room.

And though I’m at home, my good drill bits (the boxed set of seven) are not. It’s almost worth it to run out to the office to pick the up (and I probably would, except that I’m also awaiting delivery of a package).

I’m awfully tired of having to remember to bring home/take to work all the tools I need for a given project…because I never do remember everything.

I’m slowly accumulating (at least) two each of the tools I use the most (bench planes, marking knives, drills, handsaws), but I’m nowhere near fully stocked at both locations.

But this drill-bit thing is the most regularly recurring problem. So, after shopping for friends and family over the last month, it’s time to buy a little something for myself. A full set of 28 HSS brad-point bits it is. (Now I just have to remember to transfer back and forth as needed the 21 bits that aren’t doubled…)

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • BLZeebub

    Been using these bad boys for years! Also, a tip: BEFORE drilling in splintery woods, run the bit in reverse to score the perimeter of the hole then switch forward and drill away. Voila!

  • EricArey

    Bits look nice, trying to justify the cost. Give a few days.

  • gumpbelly

    Sheeshhh, you know you have it bad when you need a complete kit for both home and away games. Did ya take any pics sliding down that slope? 🙂

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