Make ‘Dog Bone’ Chest Lifts

This week I am finishing up the carcase for a special tool chest for an upcoming pair of articles in Popular Woodworking Magazine and I turned my attention to the lifts – the handles you use to [...]

3-Minute Dovetail – Pointless?

“Could I do it,” I thought? A half-reasonable set of through-dovetails in three minutes? Needless to say, I could not do it the first time of asking (and if you are interested you can [...]

LVL Workbench Plans, Free

I get more questions about workbenches than any other – and among those, many of them are about the LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) bench Christopher Schwarz and I built in 2009, that appeared in [...]

Skelton Dovetail Saw – Part 1

In life there’s a first time for everything and in this case it’s my first time with a woodworking tool custom-made by a small family business. Shane Skelton is the person behind the [...]

Cover-worthy: Jim Leamy Plow Plane

For subscribers who have received their copy of the February 2015 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, you are forgiven if you didn’t notice the piece of furniture on the cover and became [...]

Q & A: Installing Threaded Inserts

Q: I made a jig that needed threaded inserts but I had one heck of a time installing them by hand. They went in cockeyed and I trashed their slots.What am I doing wrong? A: The most common kind [...]

Help the Blog; Help Yourself

I try to be transparent about my financial dealings in the woodworking world – that’s why I don’t take free tools, wood, classes or … anything. So how is this blog funded? Simple: I am paid [...]

Q & A: Easy Drawer Dividers

Q: Help! The junk drawer in our kitchen is out of control! I have trouble finding anything in there. Is there a simple way to add dividers to my kitchen drawers without taking them apart? A: You [...]


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