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The New Yankee Workshop — the LEGO Edition

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Here’s our favorite time-waster this morning: Norm Abram and his shop constructed entirely from LEGOs.

Duane Hess, a woodworker, New Yankee Workshop fan and a LEGO modeler for a gaming company, has built a version of the famous and familiar shop and posted the photos on for all to enjoy.

Duane says it took him about 40 hours of work to put together the model, which includes the sliding door and a full array of power tools , a jointer, table saw, band saw and even the wide-belt sander.

I like the chop saw , he even has the kerfs in the table. Very cool. Now we just have to get LEGO to make these a set our kids can buy. It would be great to see Norm next to the Star Wars LEGOs.

When your boss isn’t looking today, head on over to flickr and take a look.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Jake

    Mmm, lovely! I can still remember how much I played with Lego when I was a kid. By the way, I still have all my Lego hidden somewhere under my bed. These pics totally throw me to nostalgia >_<

  • Santiago Carmona

    Cute, cute, cute!

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