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The saying is that a leopard doesn’t change its spots, but I guess it is possible for a bear to change its color. This week Grizzly Industrial Inc. will announce a new line of tools that will be available beginning in July 2010. The new series will called the “Polar Bear Series.”  Take a look at the color and it’s obvious why the name Polar Bear , the bodies of the tools are white, not the normal Grizzly green to which we’ve grown accustomed.

There are nine tools available with the dazzling white paint. There is the G0555P Ultimate Band Saw , a 14″ cast iron band saw perched on an open base , set at an introductory price just less than $400. If you’re in need of additional cutting capacity in a band saw, the Polar Bear series also has a 17″ heavy-duty machine (G0513P) priced at $698.

Looking for an 8″ jointer? The Polar Bear series has two models from which to choose. You’ll find the white-painted G0656P with a four-knife cutterhead, priced at $728. For a spiral cutterhead, look at the G0656PX. It’s available for a $270 up- charge. If you want to spend a few dollars less (though we don’t recommend 6″ jointers, as that’s just not enough machine for many tasks) , there’s a 6″ jointer also in the series. It’s priced at $398. After you have your lumber flat on one side, send it through the 15″ Polar Bear planer (G0453P) priced at $898. Both the planer and the jointers have a built-in mobile base.

The new color also covers a 12″ Baby Drum Sander (G0459P). When I brought a drum sander into my shop, my production immediately increased. Not only did I have to sand less as I prepared for finishing, the panels came out flat , and that makes most operations run smoother. Add this tool to your shop for a reasonable $528. And if a small shaper is in your future, and you want that machine to be white, take a gander at the G1035P. This 1-1/2 hp shaper has an introductory price of $498.

Each of the machines features a new logo (shown above). And if you’ve noticed, each of the machines has a “P” at the end of the item numbers , one can only guess the letter stands for polar. (I know Dr. Watson, that is brilliant deductive reasoning!)

If you’re observant, I’ve mentioned only eight tools. What machine, necessary in most shops, is missing from the list? How about a table saw? In our Hybrid Table Saw article in the November 2007 issue, Grizzly’s saw was the G0478. Search for that machine at and you’ll find this: Please note that this item is discontinued and no longer available for sale. You knew it wouldn’t be long before the company introduced a replacement hybrid table saw. Part of the Polar Bear series, and also painted white, is the G0715P. It’s a 2-horsepower saw, with a riving knife, for the introductory price of $758.

For more information, go to the Grizzly web site and plug the model number into the search box. (This news is fresh, so give the online guys time to get everything listed on the Grizzly site).

-Glen D. Huey

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  • Dave in Cincinnati

    With maybe the exception of the new Delta table saw I would not say they are better than Grizzly. Delta quality has been sliding the last few years. Most Delta stuff today is just off the line painted gray stuff any other manufacture does today.
    Delta is now owned by Black and Decker. That says it all.
    On another forum it said the new white tools are the same as the Green/white units. Just priced better right now to get woodworkers talking.

  • Glen


    Grizzly is simply offering woodworkers another color option – and at a nice introductory price, I might add. Also, I think you’re incorrect with your assessment of Grizzly tools. Two decades back, I would have agreed, but today, Grizzly tools are on par with most manufacturers. In fact, I think that many Grizzly tools offer the best woodworking bang for the buck.

  • Dreamcatcher

    I don’t get it…is there anything special about these tools other than the [unimpressive] new paint color?

    Maybe that impresses their budget DIY’er target audience but it doesn’t impress me. Anyone who has experience with quality machinery would know at first encounter that Grizzly is sub-par quality; Not worthless by any means but surely not at the level of Delta, Laguna, or Powermatic.

    If you want colors in your woodshop, you should see the Powermatic custom painted saws.

    Or do what I do… Buy old used machines for dirt prices and repaint them yourself.


  • GregL

    The Polar Bear series look very nice. Reminds me of Jet Power tools. I like thiis look better than the green, but then again, if a tool does the job it could be any color and i would be happy.
    I have the Grizzly GO478 Hybird saw that they discontinued shortly after I bought it. I hope this is not a problem if I ever need parts. I previously had a 1947 Delta Unisaw before it was destroyed in the flood and I could get parts for it after all the years.

  • Dyami Plotke

    the pricing looks great. Do they have fewer features or poorer build quality then standard grizzly fare? How’d they hit the price point?

  • Jason

    Looks to me that Grizzly has some left over "Shop Fox" units. I could be wrong, but does anyone know of the status of Shop Fox?

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