November 2007 #165

Popular Woodworking November 2007 issueIn the November 2007 issue of Popular Woodworking, we test six new “hybrid” table saws in a working shop and pick the best.

Marc Adams, founder of one of the largest woodworking schools in the country, begins a new Woodworking Essentials series called A Better Way to Work.

You’ll also find plans and read about the mystery of a recently discovered Greene & Greene-style table.

Discover 11 workbench upgrades to improve workholding.

Make a Shaker music box with John Wilson.

Plus, from our regular columnists you’ll learn how to get a great finish from home-center products.

Read about the final construction touches on Adam Cherubini’s year-long hand-tools-only standing desk project.

Build a Shaker step stool in I Can Do That.

Turn a top (or 1,000).

Detailed article previews are below. Online Extras for this issue are found in their respective articles.

Online Extras: November 2007

Online Extras for the November 2007 issue include a PDF of the Ted Brown Plans, additional text, drawings and photos of the Greene & Greene table, the 18 Rules for Safety PDF, an image of the Chris Hedges dresser, an animated slide show of the assembly steps for the Shaker Step Stool project, a...


Out of the Woodwork: Project no. 3 – er, no. 4

Your early projects don’t have to end up as firewood. By Chris Hedges Page: 100 From the November 2007 issue #165 Buy this issue now When people see the Philadelphia-style secretary I built, they inevitably want to know how long I have been making furniture and how many pieces I have completed. The simple...


Flexner on Finishing: Home-center Finishing

You can achieve a great finish from commonly available products. By Bob Flexner Pages: 96-99 From the November 2007 issue #165 Buy this issue now We all love home centers for the good stuff they carry and for their low prices. But home centers cater to the lowest common denominator consumer – that is,...


Jig Journal: Bench Hook

The single most important hand-tool appliance is 3 sticks of wood. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 86-88 From the November 2007 issue #165 Buy this issue now Owning a backsaw without owning a bench hook is like riding a bicycle without handlebars. This simple hand-tool appliance (three sticks of wood) uses the force of the...


Great Woodshops: Great Work from a Small Shop

Robert L. Millard builds fine Federal reproductions in a one-car garage with just a few small machines. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 80-82 From the November 2007 issue #165 Buy this issue now Whenever woodworkers get together shop space becomes a major topic. I’ve heard, “How large is your shop?” on more than one...


Shaker Oval Music Box

A simple gift for the holidays. By John Wilson Pages: 74-79 From the November 2007 issue #165 Buy this issue now Two Shaker accomplishments were prolific song writing (there are more than 10,000 extant songs) and gracefully fingered oval boxes. This music box combines both. The song “Simple Gifts” is familiar to many from...


From Concept to Completion, Part 2

Detailed drawings, cut lists and grain orientation aid in a successful building process. By Ted Brown Pages: 70-73 From the November 2007 issue #165 Buy this issue now We use detailed drawings to capture important relationships between components. It is not always required that we draw the entire piece. If we can draw only...


Greene & Greene: A Mystery Table

While conducting research for a book, the author encounters a previously unknown table from the workshop of Peter & John Hall. By Darrell Peart Pages: 62-69 From the November 2007 issue #165 Buy this issue now There is no test more demanding on a piece of furniture than that of time and service. The...


Upgrade Your Workbench

Simple and ingenious jigs that will unlock the full capacity of your workbench. By Rob Porcaro Pages: 57-61 From the November 2007 issue #165 Buy this issue now The most important tool in my shop is one I never pick up: the workbench. I purchased my bench about 25 years ago, a classic continental-style...