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Outlining the parameter of the excavation with a marking knife.

Live Edge Class at Peters Valley Part 3: Christina’s Butterflies

Live edge boards, like so many other organisms, can also suffer from stress. And while stress in humans can be mitigated with a moderate consumption of alcohol or a visit to the shrink (or both), inner-stresses in wood, which manifests themselves among other ways (cracks or splitting), need a mechanical remedy from a woodworker. My...

Marc Spagnuolo

Hybrid Woodworking: What Hand Tool Should You Buy First?

The world of hand tools can be a bit daunting at first. If you like the idea of a hybrid approach to woodworking and want to add hand tools to your arsenal, you may find yourself not knowing where to start. Fortunately Internet woodworking star Marc Spagnuolo (a.k.a. The Wood Whisperer) has a few words of advice to...


Woodworking in America: An Interview with Matt Cremona

Matt Cremona is a full time woodworker who produces videos about woodworking and milling lumber. His furniture projects span the full woodworking process from tree to finish.  When he’s not toting around his chainsaw, he’s in front of the camera teaching and inspiring woodworkers to challenge themselves through his online YouTube videos.  His own designs have...


Popular Woodworking Magazine: October 2016

The October issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine just mailed to subscribers, and is now available in our online store. While it’s difficult for me to pick a favorite article from a given issue (that’s akin to picking my favorite cat!), it’s made a bit easier this time by circumstance. I’m in the midst of...

Woodworking in America

Woodworking in America: An Interview with Yoav Liberman

Yoav Liberman’s work has been featured in several woodworking books – most recently in “Robin Wood’s CORES Recycled,” and in American Woodworker and Woodwork Magazine. He’s also a regular contributor to the PWM Shop Blog. Yoav teaches woodworking at the Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan, frequently guest teaches in craft schools across the country,...


Woodworking In America: An Interview with Nancy Hiller

Nancy R. Hiller earned a City & Guilds of London certificate in furniture making in 1980. She’s been a professional designer and cabinetmaker ever since and specializes in period-authentic work. Her work has appeared in Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, Popular Woodworking Magazine, Old-House Journal, American Bungalow and many other publications. Hiller took few moments to speak to us about her...


Use Sandwich Construction to Create Case Panels

Create a thick, solid look for your cabinetry with a laminated plywood approach. This excerpt from “How to Build Bookcases and Bookshelves” covers a plywood sandwich construction technique that will give you the look of heavy solid panels for your furniture projects. Sandwich construction uses readily available thicknesses of plywood to create thicker panels....

bunch of hammers

Build Furniture with a Hammer

Far from a crude implement, a good hammer is a wonder of subtlety and an asset for many kinds of joinery. by Christopher Schwarz (Excerpted from the Spring 2006 issue of Woodworking Magazine) Most woodworkers, and woodworking publications, regard the hammer as a crude implement. Everyone has a hammer or two on the wall,...