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December to Remember Holiday Sweepstakes

The weather is lukewarm and rainy at the shop today so that can only mean one thing. It’s the holiday season! OK, you can’t really predict what time of year it is by measuring the flighty weather of Cincinnati. The holiday season brings all of those old traditions that you love: eating great meals, gathering...

Machining furniture parts on a CNC

Where to Learn About Digital Woodworking

In my last post, I covered some of the big issues in learning to use CNCs. Woodworkers first starting to use CNCs in particular benefit from in-person learning because of all the idiosyncrasies that are present when you’re designing and machining wood with a digital tool. There are a number of good solutions for learning...

Coffee table by George Nakashima

George Nakashima’s Furniture: A Documentary by Danielle Ohad

It is by mere coincidence that as I am about to wrap up my recent bundle of blog entries about live-edge design, my friend Daniella Ohad is releasing her highly engaging documentary about George Nakashima. Nakashima was (and still is) considered to be the greatest live edge furniture maker and one of the most famous American designers of all times....


Build Your Dream Home: This Book Can Help

A few years ago, we published some books to help build your dream home. We covered subjects like home construction, remodeling and backyard buildings. They didn’t really fit with the mission of Popular Woodworking Books but were great books with excellent information – and so we ended up publishing them under the Betterway Books imprint....

Digital woodworking benefits from n person training

Learning to Use Digital Woodworking Tools 

The most common questions that I hear are about how to go about learning to use digital woodworking tools? And, as woodworkers how do you use these tools to get the best out of them? In this post and the one following, I’ll point out different ways to learn how to use these tools. First...


Traveling Disaster Tool Chest: SketchUp

Now that Thanksgiving is over and all of my pants seemed to have shrunk, it’s time to get back to work. I made a quick SketchUp model of the traveling tool chest that I’ve decided to build in case of roadside emergencies. The Plan I’m going to build the disaster tool chest out of pine...

If you don't have a mitering sled you can clamp down the live edge slab onto a rectangular sheet of plywood or MDF and tuck it against the fence of the miter gauges (see explanation on how to use two miter gauges and a fence in my previous post).

Cutting a Waterfall Miter on the Table Saw: Two Live Edges

When both edges of your slab are “live edge” you can’t rely on them for crosscutting or sawing off accurate miters. This is because tucking a live edge against the fence of a crosscut sled will not provide you with a stable support, nor will it ensure a miter that is perpendicular to the...