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Hand Plane Restoration – Flattening, on our YouTube Channel

David Thiel, Online Content Development Manager

David Thiel, Online Content Development Manager

I used to think Chris Schwarz had an addiction to sharpening handplanes. I watched him spend many hours testing a variety of sharpening techniques, and we had a number of “discussions” about the value (to the finished woodworking project) of the time and energy spent on sharpening. I now realize he’s just very thorough, and that the time spent was to clarify what he felt was “sharp.”

I have to say this video on flattening a plane sole during its rehab proves that his addiction has served him well. The technique is simple, quick and very effective. And he’s also happy to recognize that there is a “flat enough” or “sharp enough.” Thank you, Chris.

The man knows his handplanes, and in conjunction with this video, I’d like to direct your attention to some of Chris’ best information on the subject – now available in paperback for the first time! “Handplane Essentials” is 312 quality pages on everything from choosing to using your planes. Order now!

David Thiel

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