Garage Shop Layout for Maximum Efficiency

Efficiency does not always increase with experience, because as our woodshops grow older, they sometimes become unnecessarily rearranged or cluttered. And if you’re just now setting up your [...]

The Art of Woodturning

Shown above is “Sunset,” an intricate segmented bowl by Hal Metlitzky. When I learned woodturning in the mid-1990s, my goal was simply to make bowls and platters with fair curves, [...]

Roman Benches II

Roman workbenches have not left this world. In fact, some people might argue that they are still used today and are called shaving horses. While I don’t have a dog in that particular fight, I do [...]

Friday’s Tip for June 28th

Router Dado Jig In the course of my work as a contractor, I often need to build cabinets and bookshelves on site – without the luxury of shop tools. I gave up on the flimsy router fence [...]

The First Recorded Workbench

The first time I saw an 18th-century workbench, I thought: Wow. That will never work. But then I built some of these benches (dozens, actually), and I am a huge fan of the form’s stability, [...]

Patrick Edwards Knows Woodworking

I’ve known about W. Patrick Edwards and his Old Brown Glue for some time. I’ve read his blogs (click here) and been fascinated by his work. But I didn’t realize how much Patrick [...]

Popular Woodworking eBooks

Popular Woodworking eBooks is your exclusive source for digital back issues of Popular Woodworking Magazine and Woodworking Magazine, as well as electronic versions of more than 50 of our [...]

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