Replace Sanding Disc – Tricks of the Trade

Following up on a promise from a previous trick, in this video, we take a look at how to replace the sandpaper on a disc sander. If “big deal” is running through your head, then you’ve never had to do this task. It’s harder than you think, and we’ll give you a couple of tips to make the process easier. For more PopWood Shop Tips, visit:
– David Thiel

3 thoughts on “Replace Sanding Disc – Tricks of the Trade

  1. C. Stanley Plane

    Brake cleaner from the auto parts store works wonders for disk removal too. Less smell than laquer thinner and comes in a convenient spray bottle.

  2. rjhanby

    Another great example of why an old Shopsmith picked up off of Craigslist is a perfect sanding station. This operation is trivial when you can loosen one set screw and pop the wheel off…