Folding Bookstand

It starts out the size of a smartphone and opens to make your reading (or cooking) easier. By Christopher Schwarz Pages 50-54 How-to books, cookbooks and sheet music are inconvenient to use while [...]

Video: Folding the Folding Bookstand

The June 2018 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine features an article I wrote about making a folding bookstand using scraps and copper rivets. It’s a design based on 18th-century pieces that [...]

The Great Glue Test – Wood by Wright

Editor’s note: The following post is from James Wright of Wood By Wright on YouTube. He recently conducted a massive test of common wood glues and I asked him to share a few discoveries on [...]

Make a Marking Gauge for Curves

If you work with curves, you need a marking gauge that can deal with curves. Me, I make chairs. So I need a gauge that can follow the curve of a seat so I can delineate the lines for the …

The Joy of Woodworking – Out On a Limb

By Andrew Zoellner, Editor Popular Woodworking, June 2018 Page 8 Earlier this year, I took the reins of Popular Woodworking. To be perfectly honest, it’s been a little nuts. How did I get here? [...]

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