Mental Health Action Day

The Covid-19 pandemic has effected nearly everyone, in one way or another. And we know that being stuck at home, away from friends and family has been hard on everyone. That’s why Popular [...]

Excerpt: How to Draw an Ellipse

Various methods are used to create an ellipse. The method shown here, often called the trammel method, is relatively simple and you can use it to make an ellipse of just about any size.

Advanced Bandsaw Techniques

Advanced Bandsaw Techniques Sponsored by Rikon Tools Most shops have a bandsaw, but they frequently don’t get the chance to show off their many capabilities. In our new six-part weekly [...]

Milling Your Own Lumber

Milling Your Own Lumber Sponsored by Wood-Mizer. Finding affordable lumber has always been a mainstay for woodworkers, and when you tie our dwindling natural resources into the conversation the [...]

Let’s Cut Some Wood!

There are lots of jokes about things you can just stare at for hours without really engaging your brain. Cat videos come to mind and dozens of television programs, but I’m talking about [...]

Woodworking Outside the Shop

Finding a paying job as a woodworker is one of those tricky negotiations. Working in a woodworking business or owning your own business sound attractive, but we all know there are risks and [...]

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