Dovetail Layout using Dividers – from PW Editors Past & Present

Dovetail Layout with PW Editors Past & Present

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dovetail layout

Dovetail layout – and cutting dovetails that go together right off the saw –  is worth mastering. Excellent dovetail joinery has become a right of passage for many woodworkers who are developing their hand tool skills – and in a lot of contemporary furniture, the joinery is the decoration, so it’s important that it look good. But in their eagerness to get to the sawing, beginners sometimes rush through the layout process, or use methods that are inefficient. Christopher Schwarz makes this often complicated process simple. Follow along as he shares his dovetail layout knowledge.

– David Thiel

p.s. You might also like our editor’s video on the same process – using two sets of dividers to lay out the joints (that makes it easy to replicate the same layout on every corner of a box):

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