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For more than 30 years, Thomas Moser’s “How to Build Shaker Furniture” has inspired woodworkers. With the release of the new and completely reworked signature edition, we want to hear (and see) how you were inspired. If you have a tale about how the book or the man inspired your woodworking, leave a comment below so all can share. If you have a photo of a piece you’ve built from the book, send it to me, and and I’ll put together a slideshow to share with everyone.

If you’re new to Thomas Moser, you can follow this link to read his new introduction to the book, and get a free project plan from the new edition.

And if your copy of  “How to Build Shaker Furniture” is looking a little dog-eared, then maybe it’s time to a new full-color copy with new projects. And don’t forget share your Moser story by posting a comment below.

Purchase your copy of “How to Build Shaker Furniture” today.

– David Thiel

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  • porthtowan


    This will sound silly, but could someone tell me why does it say ‘Thomas Moser Fhake Furniture Book’ for the title of this web page.


    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      Where are you seeing that? We’ll fix it. (I assume because somewhere on the page, we have “How to Build Shaker Furniture” available – but it should be spelled correctly!

      • porthtowan

        Its says it on the top of the internet viewing window.

        • Megan Fitzpatrick
          Megan Fitzpatrick

          Ah – I see it now. And I’ve fixed it. Thank you for pointing it out.

  • allenworb

    I’ve alway’s loved the simplicity and clean lines associated with Shaker furniture. It’s the kind of furniture that most woodworkers seem to cut their teeth on. I plan on picking up the new book and using the plans following WIA11.

    As far as Thomas Moser is concerned, he’s been an influence on me for years. Not being able to afford his furniture, hasn’t prevented me from being inspired to fill my home with pieces inspired by his designs and catalog. Meeting him a few years ago @ WIA 2009 was a special experience.

    Here are a few samples of what I’ve built over the years that have been inspired, or frankly copied from his work that now fill my home:




  • keithm

    I’m roughly half-way through building a bedroom set based on designs and plans from the book. The final piece will be “Dr. White’s” dresser.

    Will the new edition have color photos instead of the b&w line drawings?

    • Steve Shanesy
      Steve Shanesy

      Hi, Keith!
      Yes, new color photos throughout and new drawings for all projects. The text is all original but Moser has added some commentary where he felt it appropriate.

  • Steve Shanesy
    Steve Shanesy

    Moser was the spark that lit my woodworking fire. Here’s the story. My wife and I had just moved into our first house– it was the late 70’s. We had little cash left, but knowing we’d be spending a lot of time at home, purchased three things; a new stereo set up, a king size bed, and we ordered a harvest style table from Thos. Moser. It cost $650 and I’m certain Chris Becksvoort built it. It arrived months later (the first one was destroyed in shipment) and after admiring and studying it for a few days I announced to my wife “I could make that!”

    I didn’t know anything about woodworking at the time and I believe my words were mostly a challenge to myself and just plain naive. I found a copy of Moser’s “How to Build Shaker Furniture” and after a few weeks was busy in the garage working on a small shaker end table. I built it using a circ saw (try tapering legs with a circ saw! no don’t!!!) an electric drill, two clamps a dull chisel and a hammer. Since that day I’ve been hooked on woodworking. As for the Moser harvest table, just had another family dinner on it Sunday night. So thank you Mr. Moser. Let me add I’m extremely proud to reissue this new edition of the orginal book. And it was a delight working with Thos. Moser to completely update the original.

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