On Storing Handsaws and Backsaws

Recently I’ve become somewhat obsessed by the puzzle of storing saws. During my years as a woodworker, I’ve been admonished many times for how I handle this tool. Here are a few choice ones to [...]

Tool Cabinet

Tool Cabinet Tons of flexible storage for today's woodworking tools.  By George Vondriska and Dave Munkittrick Old tool chests made by the masters utilized every square inch of space [...]

Modular Desk System

Modular Desk System Mix-and-match components make a desk that fits your needs. By Bruce Kieffer Download this Modular Desk System Project with complete plans and step-by-step instructions from [...]

Another Feather in the Mirka Abranet Cap

The most beneficial discoveries come when you least expect them. Last week as I wrapped up finish on the desk for the November issue and from our upcoming book “Furniture in the Southern [...]

Nine Joints to Change Your Attitude

Back when I made my living as a cabinetmaker, the projects I enjoyed most were the ones where we went out on a limb and built something we had never made before. It’s like riding a good [...]

Saddle a Chair Seat

“(Chairs) are too hard. Chairmakers are doomed to poverty.” — Gary Bennett (1934 – ) furniture maker and artist If I were a full-time chairmaker, I don’t think I’d be doomed to poverty. [...]

Harvesting Exotic Woods

This link is to an article titled “Guitar Frets:Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear” was published today in the Wall Street Journal. It was sent to me by Mel Hancock,  [...]

Make Your Own Edge Guards

When sharpened steel knocks into anything else, the result is usually dull steel. That’s why woodworkers protect sharp edges by wrapping our tools in canvas or leather tool rolls. Or we stuff [...]

Golden Ratio, Revisited

Sometimes I need to be reminded that not everyone who reads our blogs are at the same level of woodworking experience, and that I should give explanations as if my readers were beginners. I [...]

Tool Auction Ambivalence

I attended my first tool auction last Saturday, and like most (adult) auction-goers, I was caught up in the potential for bargains (there were a passel of Emmert vices on offer…but sadly, [...]

Turning Table Legs

Turning Table Legs By Alan Lacer Turning four table legs that match may sound impossible, but it’s not. With these tried and true tips, and a little practice, you can successfully turn even the [...]

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