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I’m soooooo excited to announce that with the next issue, you’ll see a change in editorial direction! We’re going to brighten things up with lots of happy colors – and show you how to choose wood to match your aura for when a natural look is your goal!! You’ll find new ideas for yard-art!!! Get bunches of birdhouse ideas sure to attract the most discerning of avian friends!!!! Read important articles on how different woods can affect your mood!!!!! And in every issue, I’ll use my editor’s note to talk about my feeling(s).

Subscribe now so you don’t miss “Treasured Heart Box” (shown above), “Unicorn Pencil Holder” (with a fun-to-make glitter-adorned horn!), “Drawers for Doilies,” “Tole-painting for Tool Hoarders,” plus new columns on knitting (plane socks, shop hats and shop reticules), “I Can Do That” kitty furniture and more!!!!!!

— Megan Fitzpatrick


14 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Our Exciting New Direction – Subscribe Now!

  1. RoBanJo

    I am so gladd to know this. AFter watching Ellen and switching over to the view I realized how much I yearned for, really craved, those soft colors. Don’t dissappoint my by backing out on this.

  2. David RandallDavid Randall

    Four exclamation marks – sure sign of an unhinged mind according to the late, great Terry Pratchett. I recommend a couple of days in Victoria BC with afternoon tea.

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      I would love a couple of days in Victoria BC with afternoon tea. And naps.

  3. Steve_OH

    That drawing is a fake. Everyone knows that the heart goes on the pin board, not the tail board.

  4. tms

    As a type 2 diabetic, I may have to cancel my subscription. I’ve been advised to avoid such excessive sweetness.

  5. pmac

    I think you’ve found your niche. BTW, might I suggest, on the chest above, some cat paws wandering around the heart. It would really help the design and drive home you concept of feelings, emotions and woodworking.

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      If only I could quickly and easily draw those in SketchUp…but indeed. That would make it 1000 percent better!

  6. Daver

    I hope “Bird House Guru” Chris will be included. His “Bird Houses of Necessity” book has so many unique plans.

  7. kampwood

    Please tell me you just forgot to mention the new ‘shop kitten calendar’ and the article on the most effective way to bedazzle a hammer.

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